Tuesday 9 September 2014

Review: Without You Here (Release Day Blitz)

Without you here release day


Without You Here

Author: Carter Ashby
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: September 9, 2014
Format: ebook
Pages: 306
Source: Book Enthusiast Promotions & NetGalley
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Rating: ★★★.5
After fighting with her boyfriend, Ettie’s only goal is to drown her sorrows in some Jack Daniels. But when she walks into a country tavern, her attention is immediately redirected to the sexy, older man at the bar. He looks lonely, and sad, and absolutely mouth-watering. Ettie can’t wait to put a smile on his face.

For the first time in two years, Wyatt finds himself jolted out of his grief—and by a spunky, vivacious young woman who somehow sees right into his soul. What follows is a passionate weekend full of more life, laughter, and pure joy than he experienced in twenty years of marriage.

Wyatt thought one weekend was all he had to give, yet in the days that follow, he can’t help dreaming up a future with Ettie. And then a chance meeting shatters his hopes, leaving him more lost than ever. Now Ettie must decide whether to walk away, or to fight for the love she knows they both deserve.

Without You Here is the sexy, heartwarming story of overcoming grief, embracing love, and learning to live in the moment. (Goodreads)

Opening Lines

"I guess that phrase "looking for trouble" applied to me that night. I'd just fought with my boyfriend. I was fed up with him, in fact. He was a fantastic friend, but whenever we tried to date he turned into...my grandmother. You never met such a prude in all you days."

The Good

I was definitely intrigued when I first read the synopsis for Without You Here. I really want to know what the "chance meeting" was that shatter things between Ettie and Wyatt, and what happened the night he met, and what about her boyfriend? All these questions were answer when I finally dove into Without You Here.

My favourite thing about Without You Here would have to be the age difference between Ettie and Wyatt. For me it made the story that much more interesting. Not that the story was lacking, there were enough plot twist to keep my on my toes and waiting to see what would happen next! I have to say I was slightly disturbed when I found out what the "thing" was the made Ettie and Wyatt's relationship go down a rough road. I wasn't really sure how they would get past this HUGE obstacles and I honestly didn't think it was going to work out, but as the story continues to develop we see that it does.

The chemistry between Ettie and Wyatt is amazing! Ettie really helps Wyatt seek help for his depression and opens his eyes to new possibilities. Despite the age different, and a major bump in the road Ettie and Wyatt come out strong on top.

The In-Between

I would have liked more information into Ettie's past. We get a little sneak peek into it, but I felt like there was a lot more that could have been shared with the readers.

Lasting Impression

Overall, Without You Here was a great contemporary read. Carter Ashby is definitely an author I'll be keeping an eye out for. I recommend Without You Here for readers who love contemporary and want to read a book that will pull at your emotions.

About Author

Carter Ashby was born and raised in Missouri. She is wife to a supportive, hard-working geek; homeschooling mother to three, future social miscreants; and caregiver to a high-strung, epileptic chihuahua and a severely accident-prone hound dog. Carter writes country romances and reads anything that sounds interesting.


He didn't look up at me when he spoke. He was sopping up hollandaise sauce with a biscuit. "We should do this again, Ettie. Next weekend. How about it?"

My heart was suddenly thundering in my ears. I watched him as he pointedly focused on cleaning his plate. "Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" I asked.

He finally looked up. Those blue eyes were hypnotic. And heartbreaking. "I'm asking you to have another fun weekend with me. That's what I'm asking."

My eyes fluttered as they started to sting. "Do you need to get to know me better before asking me to be your girlfriend?"

His jaw muscles tensed. "Ettie, I..."

"Look, Wyatt. I have had just the absolute best time of my life with you this weekend. I have all the information I need to know I want to be in a relationship with you."

He snorted and leaned back in his chair. "You don't know shit about me, Ettie. This was fun. But it was superficial and you know it."

My chest constricted. I had to take a moment to swallow back the pain. "It wasn't superficial. I'm sorry it didn't mean as much to you as it did to me..."

"It meant plenty and that's why I want to see you again. So let's do it, Ettie. Next weekend. We'll meet at the bar Friday and maybe we could road trip down to Gulf Shores or something. Or we could go zip-lining up at Cave City. All kinds of fun shit we could do together. That's what I want."

"I want to go home with you."

He looked away and shook his head in frustration.


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