Review Policy

At the moment I am not accepting review requests. 

However, you are more than welcome to still send me your request, as I will be opening this back up mid November 2014.

Exception: If I have read one of your books before, I will make an exception to accepting your request! I suggest taking a look at my Goodreads page*


On this page you’ll find all the information needed to submit a review request. I am also open to blog tours, book blitz, author interviews, etc. Please read the full page before submitting your review request.

I accept requests from authors, publishers, and book promoters. I'm also available on NetGalley and Edelweiss. I read mainly Young-Adult and Middle-Grade books, although you may come across the random Adult Fiction and New Adult reviews on my blog.

Please note that all request go through a (simple) 2-step process. In the first email you send I ask that you include the title, author, synopsis and an excerpt. This allows me to get a general idea of the premise of your book.

I will then send a response letting you know whether or not I will accept your book. Your following email should include any additional information I need and which formats are available to me.

Note: If the synopsis and/or excerpt do not peak my interest I will not review your book. Reviewing a book that I have no interest in only leads to an unfavourable review.


Key Information

**Please take a look around my blog and at my reviews to get a general idea of my style BEFORE submitting a review request.**

Genres: Below are the genres I am open to reviewing. 
  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Fantasy (Epic, High, Urban)
  • Sci-fi
  • Middle-Grade
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery
  • New Adult
  • Paranormal 

Format: I prefer ePub, but still open to receiving mobi, PDFs and physical copies. I do not accept audiobooks! I dislike them and my mind tends to wander.

Timeline: This all really depends on my level of interest in the book, and whether or not it’s an ARC. If it is an ARC I will have it read before the release date, that being said please make sure to give me sufficient amount of time to read and review.

If it is not an ARC, I can have it read and reviewed within 3 weeks or sometimes sooner providing on when I receive your request.

Location: All reviews will be posted here on my blog and on Goodreads. I also tweet my reviews with a link and star rating.


If you would like me to cross-post my review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble please say so in your email.

Rating System: My rating system can be found here!

I do not accept monetary compensations for my reviews!


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