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Review: My Guardian Angel

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My Guardian Angel

Author: Evangelene
Genre: Romance, Suspense
Publisher: Evangelene
Publication Date: April 7 2014
Format: PDF
Pages: 140
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Rating: ★★★. 5
Kassia Preston, a best selling author whose a bit of recluse, but who could blame her after what had happened to her all those years ago. Thankfully, her brother Darios and her friends Genna and Tara had always been there for her. One day in Darios' gym, she meets Jason. He's young, fit and mouthwateringly sexy. Kassia is drawn to him, not only because of his looks but because of something else, something indescribable.

Jason Theroux, a young SWAT officer has his own demons that he keeps hidden deep inside.

What happens when these two broken souls get together? Will they be able to survive their past and forge a new future? Or will their demons begin to threaten their relationship, destroying it completely? (Goodreads)

Opening Lines
"The wind was howling, as the heavy rain hammered at the windows, making them rattle. I was lying on my bed with my blankets barley covering my eyes. As I looked out the window, a bright flash of light came across the dark sky. The lightening lit my room only for a few seconds and then vanished just as quickly. A loud thunderous clap followed making me jump."

Can I just saw that I LOVE the cover for My Guardian Angel? I love how dark and mysterious it is, and honestly it was what drew me into reading the synopsis for this book.

One of my favourite things about My Guardian Angel would have to be the opening chapter. It was so strong and descriptive! The perfect way to start off a book, once I read that I was hooked! I read this in one sitting just waiting to see how this story would play out.

It's obvious that Kassia and Jason are attracted to each other but they both try to resist it. Deciding to become friends we quickly see that line start to blur. Both Kassia and Jason experience something in their past that continues to haunt them and when they meet each other at Darios gym and start to hangout things really start to unravel! I love how suspenseful this really was, I was worried this would end up being an erotica novel that lacked plot and character depth but that was not the case! My Guardian Angel kept my attention right up to the end!

Another one of my favourite parts was the Epilogue at the end from Jason's perspective. I really wish we had more chapters from his POV! There were so many times that I kept trying to figure out what was running through Jason's mind.

What kept My Guardian Angel from getting 5 stars?

  • At times I felt there was a bit a character flip flop with Kassia and Jason, it bothered me and made me have whip lash while I was trying to figure out their character. There just didn't really seem to be consistency in terms of their behaviour and how they're perceived. 
  • I quickly became tired of all the  "Junior", "Granny" and "your old" comments through out My Guardian Angel. I get it, there's an age difference but I feel like it was mentioned and joked about more times then it was necessary. 
  • ! - There were way too many escalation marks throughout this book. Did Darios, Jason, and Kassia really yell that much?
Overall, My Guardian Angel was an suspenseful read! I really enjoyed this one and recommend it to readers that want a good amount of suspense mixed with romance. This is defiantly one I will be re-read sometime soon.


About the Author

Evangelene was born and raised in Montreal Canada. She currently lives with her husband who at times drives her nuts. She has been studying Classical Civilization and Linguistics at Concordia University for over ten years. The pull of the ancient world was too great for her to let go, so she continues her education to feel closer to the world she identifies with.

She reads nonstop, devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that another author has created.

Evangelene started writing her stories ten years ago to express and bring to life all the wonderful characters that inhabit her imagination. She writes for herself and invites readers to join her journey.

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