Tuesday 5 August 2014

Bittersweet Goodbye: The Civil Wars

Currently listening to Poison and Wine.

Plain and simple, I hate goodbyes. 

You know that saying, "all good things must come to an end"? Well it heavily applies to this post. Today I learned that The Civil Wars have permanently parted ways. I sat here in shock, thinking this was hopefully a delayed April Fool's Joke...no such luck. After reading both Joy and John Paul's personal words on the disbanding I finally came to accept that this was actually happening.

I first came across The Civil Wars back in 2009. A friend of mine had one of their songs on their iPod from their Live at Eddie's Attic CD. I remember listening to the vocals and falling in love! I went home and downloaded the album for free from their website and had it on repeat for weeks! Whenever people asked me what I was listening to I would reply with "The Civil Wars! You have to download this album". A couple of months later while sitting down and watching Grey's Anatomy I heard Poison and Wine and did a little happy dance, I was so beyond over joyed at them making it.

As each year passed and my collection of their songs grew I fell deeper and deeper in love with this group. I decided to share my Top 5 songs by The Civil Wars.

Poison & Wine             Play Count: 593
Tracks in the Snow       Play Count: 566
Falling (Live at Eddie's Attic)    Play Count: 552
Tip of My Tongue   Play Count: 438
Go            Play Count: 226

I'm sitting here writing this post and trying to hold back tears. You may think this is silly, or over dramatic but The Civil Wars have gotten me through so many tough points in my life. Every time I was feeling down or stressed from something taking place in my personal life (and trust me there were a lot of these moments) I turned my iPod on and went straight to The Civil Wars. So to know that these two individuals who came together and created such soothing and peaceful music will be parting ways makes me so sad. Which is why I'm writing this post, this is my way of accepting and dealing with this.

So to The Civil Wars I say a bittersweet goodbye. We will all miss your music and I wish both Joy Williams and John Paul White all the best!

So below I share with you my recommendations of albums and singles to purchase. I have also included the link to their website where you can download You Are My Sunshine for free.



Are you a fan of The Civil Wars? What are some of your favourite songs by them?

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